Yale Project Khushi Baby is A Classic Usecase Of IoT in Healthcare


An undergraduate project named Khushi Baby at Yale University is on its way to become the next big solution to improve child immunization all over the world. Khushi Baby is a necklace equipped with a chip that can store immunization records of children for up to two years.


It can be linked to a corresponding mobile application via Near Field Communication technology and help the healthcare workers in rural areas to access real-time data about a child and provide necessary vaccinations from time to time. This is one of the classic examples and a very useful usecase of IoT in healthcare.

Co-founded by Ruchit Nagar, a student in the Department of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases at Yale University, Khushi Baby comes with an automated voice mail service that informs parents as to when they need to take their children for vaccinations.

The founding team won a prize money of $25,000 at Yale, followed by awards and grants worth $300,000. As per the reports, Khushi Baby also got an additional funding of $15000 after winning the Wearables for Good Challenge organized by UNICEF a couple of months back.

Off late, the team Khushi Baby traveled to India to implement their idea and analyze its outcomes. In a country like India, where healthcare is not a priority, initiatives like these and further IoT in healthcare activities will make a huge difference. As of now, over 500 children in India have Khushi Baby on their bodies with over 1400 kids are being tracked on day to day basis. Going forward, Nagar and other Khushi Baby team members expect this number to go as high as 5000 children by the end of 2016. You can click here and know more about the project Khushi Baby. Tremaine Edmunds Jersey


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