wolfSSL And Whitewood Come Together For netRandom Integration, To Safeguard IoT


The leading crypto-security solution developer – Whitewood and a connectivity & security provider – wolfSSL, have decided to form a strategic partnership focusing on co-marketing and technology verticals. As a result of this partnership, wolfSSL’s customers will be able to use the netRandom system of Whitewood and supply random numbers to distributed applications and devices that support embedded security system toolkits of wolfSSL.

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With the passage of time, the demand for secured networked applications (smart routers, smart printers, mobile phones, credit card scanners, etc.)has increased significantly. More and more system operators and product vendors tend to develop and deploy 100% secure crypto capabilities. The solution proposed by wolfSSL and Whitewood can come handy in such critical situation.

The netRandom product of Whitewood can make it easy to access true random numbers, which can further eliminate the dependence on host machines and individual devices. When the netRandom is incorporated into wolfSSL toolkits, all the connected devices and applications can have the accelerated ability to true seed values and random numbers from netRandom server.

The senior management teams of both the companies feel that businesses can no longer take random number generation lightly. Unless they opt for a professional and versatile network-based approach, they can’t attain desired results. Both Whitewood and wolfSSL can provide a solution that can live up to clients’ expectations.

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