WiSilica Gets $3 Million In Series A Funding To Come Up With IoT Equipped Smart Enviornment


The leading smart environment creator, WiSilica, announced that it had managed to close $3.35 million Series A funding, which was led by FirstFloor Capital. Some of the other companies that participated in this financing round include names like Aurotek and Anchor Asia Management.

smart city1

WiSilica’s internet of things platform is known for enabling millions of devices to connect to the internet of things by using Bluetooth Low Energy protocols coupled with mesh technology. With the help of complete IoT solution of WiSilica, devices can easily understand their environment and use predictive intelligence to reduce cost, improve user experience and increase efficiency.

WiSilica has been trying for a long time to expand into different markets, such as lighting, smart home, and energy management, and this funding will help it fulfill all the necessary formalities to carry out the expansion. In addition to this, WiSilica will also utilize this funding to recruit more people with expertise in R&D, technology, cloud IoT, innovative software, and hardware. Going forward, the smart environment creator will expand its offices in India and Southern California.

IoT has the power to change the world, but it comes with several complications that need to be taken care of, and WiSilica’s IoT solutions can help the companies do that. They are secure, fast and efficient. You can read more about them hereAustin Hooper Jersey


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