Wi-Fi Alliance Announces Wi-Fi HaLow For IEEE 802.11ah Products; Most Useful for Smart Homes


Amid increasing popularity of low-power tech solutions, Wi-Fi Alliance announced HaLow for all the products supporting IEEE 802.11ah technology.

Wi-Fi HaLow uses frequency bands lower than 1 GHz, which enables it to offer lower power, longer range and excellent connectivity to products that are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED. It allows a host of use cases in connected cars, smart homes, digital healthcare, agriculture and retail industry as well as the smart-city ecosystem.

Wifi alliance

With the help of Wi-Fi HaLow, Wi-Fi service can be extended to 900 MHz, which leads to uninterrupted low power connectivity that’s necessary to implement wearable and sensor technologies. Its range is almost double of the average range of normal Wi-Fi technology available across the globe, which helps it to provide robust connectivity in those areas where establishing a network connection is next to impossible.

Wi-Fi HaLow will adapt service protocols that are already in practice, including those that allow multi-vendor interoperability, easy setup, and powerful government grade security system. Over 6.8 billion installed devices in the range of 900 MHz to 2.4 and 5 GHz are expected to support Wi-Fi HaLow technology.

Reports claim that Wi-Fi HaLow will use IP-based connectivity to get connected to the cloud, which will allow it to use the full potential of the rapidly growing internet of things ecosystem. Going forward, Wi-Fi Alliance will add many more features to make Wi-Fi HaLow optimal for IoT, M2M communication, and other innovative markets. Click here to know more about Wi-Fi HaLow. Drew Stafford Authentic Jersey


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