Wi-Fi Alliance Adds New Level of Membership For Certain IoT Companies


To make the best use of growing IoT market, the Wi-Fi Alliance has decided to add a new membership level for all those companies that make innovative IoT-based products like door locks, refrigerators, and lighting systems. It intends to expand the application of IoT in connected homes.

As per the reports, the new Alliance looks forward to focusing on those companies that don’t have expertise in cutting-edge smart home technologies, but want to offer solutions that are secure and can make everyone’s life easy and hassle-free.

With the increasing scope for IoT in the day to day life, more and more companies have now started implementing the technology on their devices. The implementer membership will enable these companies to upgrade their technology and expertise in the connected home segment and enhance the reach of IoT through Wi-Fi.

Products developed by these companies will come with Wi-Fi Certified seal to ensure 100% security guarantee. “After enrollment, these companies will be able to focus on Wi-Fi interoperability, secure operations, and legacy compatibility along with their mainstream business,” the alliance stated.

The Wi-Fi Alliance offers a host of solutions in the tech field as of now and wants to expand further its portfolio in IoT and smart home solutions in the future. The main objective of Wi-Fi Alliance is to facilitate secure communication among IoT devices all over the world. It will keep sharing further updates from time to time with all the users.



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