Vodafone Portugal Users Can Now Watch TV On Their Smart Watches


Smart Watch was nothing more than a wild dream once, so as watching TV channels online; today, both of them have become a vital part of people’s day to day lives. At a time when IoT is steadily becoming the need of the hour, innovators don’t want to stop with smart watches just playing music, attending calls and showing time. Taking a step further, Vodafone Portugal has launched TV service for smart watches.

With this initiative, Vodafone Portugal has become the first operator to launch TV service for smart watches. Users can watch live TV on their smart watches, access channel guides and movie catalogue of the video store. The best thing about this service is that they don’t have to pay any extra price.

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As of now, the company has launched TV for Sony SmartWatch 3, but soon it will roll out the facility on other brands, including Apple Watch. Users can watch live TV on their smartwatches as well as use them as a remote control for TV when needed.

People can buy Sony SmartWatch 3 from Vodafone stores by paying EUR 199.90.


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