Vodafone & Huawei Collaborate Over NB-IoT Open Lab In United Kingdom


At a time when internet of things and connected devices have become more popular than ever, Vodafone wants to ensure that companies can use them without any hassle. In order to turn this dream into reality and make low-cost connected devices available for everyone, Vodafone has decided to join hands with Huawei and open a lab fully-dedicated for Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology.


As of now, connected devices cost a lot, which is why many people can’t afford them. Vodafone wishes to bring this cost down to a level where people/businesses don’t have to think twice before using them. It uses 4G technology to connect different smart devices, such as video cameras and cars. At the same time, it uses 2G technology for devices that require low data connectivity i.e. smart meters. More often than not, the quality of such connectivity doesn’t live up to expectation due to quality issues. That’s where lower cost network technology can come in handy.

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They can easily track down assets located in remote areas, connect products, transfer information from one place to another within moments in a secure environment. Experts claim that that the way NB-IoT has received industry-wide support, it’s likely to be the best LPWA technology in the world. More information about NB-IoT can be found hereAustin Hooper Authentic Jersey



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