VMware Launches Liota For Building Control Orchestration Applications & Secure IoT Gateway Data


VMware, better known for offering cloud products, is pleased to introduce Liota (Little IoT Agent). As per the reports, it’s a vendor-neutral Open SDK (Source software development kit) that can help businesses in building control orchestration applications and secure IoT gateway data.


At a time when the number of attached devices is growing at a fast pace, gathering data in a constructive way is getting more and more difficult. The new Liota answers some of the most common questions related to when, where and how to collect data from different attached devices and transfer it to data centers. Moreover, Liota also enables an application in getting control signals from various data centers.

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In the present-day situation, Gateways make a vital part of IoT infrastructure. They not only connect physical IoT devices with each other but also de-couple them if needed. Liota is one such gateway that will make data integration very easy and hassle-free.

According to VMware management, Liota solves real-time industry problems in such a way that no other gateway does. IoT developers can get it from https://github.com/vmware/liota. You can click here to know more about Liota and how it works. Bradley Pinion Womens Jersey


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