Vision360 And Arqiva Collaborate On NHS England IoT Innovation Test Beds Delivery


In a recent public statement, Arqiva announced that it was chosen as one of the two NGS England IoT Innovation Test Beds providers along with Vision360. The announcement was first made by Simon Stevens, CEO, NHS England at the World Economic Forum. According to him, both Vision360 and Arqiva will take the help of other companies working in the Technology Integrated Health Management Test Bed to execute this project.


With the assistance of TIHM beds, patients suffering from dementia will be able to stay in their homes for a longer duration. The kit will consist of network-enabled wearables, sensors, monitors and a few other devices that come handy at times. All these devices will be connected remotely via the internet of things to keep a constant eye on patients’ health and enable healthcare staff to provide adequate services.

A recently published report titled “IoT Healthcare Market – Global Forecast to 2020” unveiled that the international IoT-enabled healthcare would transform into a $163 billion dollar market by 2020. In England alone, around 33% households are headed by people aged 65 years or more. The report also explains that half of these elderly people are over 75. Going forward, the number of people aged over 85 is expected to increase 100% over the next 20 years. With such significant hike in the number of aged people, dementia patients in the UK are likely to increase from 850,000 to 1 million by 2025.

Amid the widely growing dementia sufferers, Arqiva and Vision360 are planning to come up with a national assistive care IoT platform that can combine Arqiva’s SIGFOX IoT network and Vision360’s “V360 Toolkit” health care technology. At present, the SIGFOX IoT network is used by 30% of UK population across 11 cities, including Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Leicester, London, Liverpool and Manchester.

Both the companies are excited about IoT Test Beds project and hope that it will make the lives of dementia patients a lot easier than now. You can read more about these Test beds hereTrey Hendrickson Womens Jersey


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