US Intelligence Chief Might Use IoT To Spy On Public


The US Intelligence Chief James Clapper acknowledged for the first time that intelligence agencies may look forward to using IoT enabled smart household devices to enhance their surveillance capabilities.

According to him, the number of devices supporting IoT are increasing at a fast pace; however, this changing trend is also reducing users’ overdependence on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., which has made it difficult for the agencies to track users. To enhance the surveillance capacities, it’s important to shift focus to internet of things.

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Clapper was recently heard saying that US Intelligence Agencies might use IoT for surveillance, identification, location tracking, monitoring, and targeting for different recruitment interviews. He didn’t name any particular agency that will use internet of things, but his statement was a clear evidence that US Intelligence Agencies were paying a lot of attention to internet of things.

It’s not the first time when someone of this rank has made a comment like this. Recently, Adm Michael Rogers, National Security Agency’s director, said that it was the perfect time to make home devices more defensible. However, he didn’t talk about different devices placed at the disposal of his surveillance team.

Of late, US has come across a number of online threats, including the ones created by Islamic State, al-Qaida and other extremist groups, which have used technology to spread hatred across the country and other parts of the globe. This is one of the major facts that has prompted US Intelligence Agencies to think about using IoT in the future. You can click here and know more about their plans related to using IoT for spying on others. Jason Spriggs Jersey


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