Ultra Electronics, 3eTI Launch SCADAWatch To Address Cyber Security Issues


With an objective to address cyber security issues, Ultra Electronics, 3eTI has announced its newest offering SCADAWatch. It’s a cyber security appliance that detects cyber attacks within defenseless automation networks and alerts the experts right away to stop them before they do any harm.

As per the reports, SCADAWatch is the first of its kind product that is capable of detecting a network intrusion along with preserving operational performance.

Many serial-based protocols such as Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet are normally used for critical platforms from power generation to vehicle control. They have been subject to many high-profile cyber attacks recently.

As of now there is no organized monitoring procedure for serial based control and automation systems. It makes them the potential target of cyber threats. SCADAWatch keeps an eye on such automation systems round the clock and protects them without affecting their core functions.

SCADAWatch comes with 3eTI CyberFence, which is famous for its certified, unsurpassed and defense-in-depth protection with the help of strong encryption, firewalls and deep-packet inspection of supreme quality. By using SCADAWatch, serially controlled networks like advanced weapon system and ship monitoring-and-control system will be able to differentiate between an equipment failure and a sophisticated cyber-attack.

SCADAWatch will hit the market in the first quarter of 2016.


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