UL Announces First Dedicated Testing And Certification Services For Power Bank Market


The Hong Kong Electronics Fair has featured a number of industry leaders that showcased their products as well as revealed their plans to uplift the industry. UL announced the first ever dedicated testing and certification for the power bank industry during this fair.


Needless to say that UL has been a market leader in product certification and safety for over 12 decades.

The new program, tested to UL 2056, addresses various issues with regard to safeguarding consumers against property damage and bodily harm, identifying proper safety standards for power banks and manufacturers’ risk of damaged reputation and expensive recalls. The company has executed a test on various items, including mechanical and electrical testing to UL 2054, testing of power overload of output ports, verification testing of the marked capacity and marked input current as well as testing of flammability of integral PV cells.

According to Barry Yu, GM – Greater China, Consumer Technology Division of UL, with the help of this new program manufacturers can easily demonstrate whether their power banks meet the stringent testing requirements of UL and safe for users or not. All the power banks carrying UL Mark will give users confidence that they have gone through a series of inspections at UL lab.


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