UK Update: HyperCat Sets In Motion Smart City Accelerator in UK


More and more countries are getting driven towards the smart city initiative to cash in what IoT has in store for them. After Dubai, it’s the UK that’s focusing on building a smart city in London. As per the report, HyperCat has set in motion a fresh accelerator program in London to speed up the developmental work of smart city technologies in the United Kingdom.


The newly launched accelerator program is backed by none other than Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, a project that looks after regeneration initiatives in London.

The program, named as HyperCatCity is likely to focus more on offering solutions related to smart infrastructure, e-health, smart energy and public services to name a few. It will also guide the local authorities on the governance, finance and procurement of various smartcity technologies.

Some of the major names in London, including Cisco, BT, Innovate UK and Flexeye are supporting this idea. According to Flexeye CEO, Justin Anderson, the HyperCatCity project has offered an ideal platform to all the big businesses and great thinkers to come together and form the best strategies for UK’s largest regeneration project – smart city. More about this program and how HyperCat plans to revamp the smart city in UK can be read here.


  1. […] Hypercat is a UK-developed alliance and standard that enables free communication from any connected IoT sensor or device being used to monitor an environment. Increasingly, IoT is being used by smart cities to help inform decision making and improve city services, from air quality and energy usage to traffic flows and asset utilisation. The Anglo-Australian collaboration aims to establish Hypercat as a global standard. […]


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