Uk Update: Elexon Hires CGI To Shift Smart Metering To Cloud


Elexon, leading wholesale electricity trading company based in UK has decided to hire the services of IT Solution Provider CGI for its smart meter initiative ahead of nationwide expansion.


Since the machine to machine communication has gained popularity, Elexon has been trying to automate its smart meters in such a way that it can save cost, time and efforts. It’s on the verge of initiating national roll-out of its services and doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to reach to a centralized model that can prove to be effective in the long term. As of now it has a model based on basic estimations; however, hiring CGI will empower it with a model based on real-time and actual data.

As part of this three-year long contract, CGI will migrate its data, which includes 1.25 million meter readings and 5,700 wholesale electricity trades to cloud; thereby enabling Elexon to have round-the-clock access to the database. CGI has been serving Elexon for the last 25 years, and with this new machine to machine communication based association, their bonding will further strengthen.

The IoT and machine to machine communication industries are likely to have over 50 billion devices registered by 2020, and Elexon’s move of hiring CGI can help it remain at the forefront of this revolution in the future.


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