UK First: National Power Grid Succeeds At Carrying Data To IoT Appliances


Most of the experts think that one of the goals of the internet of things is to enhance the efficiency of connected devices and IoT, but a recent trial in the UK suggests that it can be done in a much simpler way by passing very high frequency data over the energy grid.


A report published by The Guardian claims that in order to transfer data using energy grids, authorities have to modulate the 50Hz signal, which is often used to carry the electricity. Similar attempts were made in the past, but due to air gaps in transfer stations, they were only limited to local energy grids. If things fall in line, this experiment can get past all the hurdles and carry data all across the country.

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During this trial, a simple signal carrying updates on energy prices, peak times and regional use patterns was transmitted successfully. This information can be utilized by any conventional smart device to make last minute adjustments. The best thing about this transmission is the security measures. All the transmissions are one-way, so privacy will never be a concern for the authorities.

The technique and equipment required to propagate the data signal has been created by Reactive Technologies. It has been tapped in the national power grid across the country. So, far the results are great and give hope for a better data-centric future. Vita Vea Authentic Jersey


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