UAE Based Du Telecommunications Tests IoT In Middle East Region


UAE-based telecom service provider Du has decided to test the Internet of Things in Middle East region. UAE has been working on smart city initiative for some time now, and IoT is an important component of this initiative.

Du published a statement saying that IoT was showcased to Dubai’s business leaders and received a great response from them. With an objective to implement IoT in UAE, Du has opted for LoRa Alliance’s famous LoRa technology. LoRa is a nonprofit association that focuses on standardize networks to enable M2M, IoT, industrial and smart-city initiatives.

Du has been trying to implement M2M and IoT facility across the world for some time. Earlier in 2015, it became one of the few companies in the world to start using LTE Advanced across its network. The company had announced in August 2014 that it had successfully installed VoLTE technology over its commercial LTE network.

With the deployment of IoT, LTE and M2M technologies, du network is now capable of receiving data from countrywide sensors and initiate smart arrangement of various resources such as waste management, city lighting and parking. Effective power management prolongs the battery life of these sensors to many years.

Experts call it a defining moment in UAE’s smart city initiative, which will continue giving fruitful results to coming generations for years.


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