Tronics and Airbus Join Hands For RF-MEMS Switches


Airbus Group and Tronics has decided to partner for the development of RF switches and circuits based on capacitive MEMS. As part of the agreement, Tronics will have full access to Airbus’ patent portfolio for developing an extraordinary technology platform needed for RF-MEMS switches. This platform will primarily work on Airbus’ business units. Other companies that wish to manufacture custom circuits and nPnT switches can also approach Tronics.

RF-MEMS come with a promising technology for a wide array of industrial applications such as 5th generation communication infrastructure, test and instrumentation, radar systems and satellite communication. With the help of this technological platform developed by Airbus and Tronics, the manufacturing of RF-MEMS switches at a massive level will become easy and hassle-free.

Reports claim that both the companies have been coordinating for the past three years to develop such switches. Tronics started putting efforts in 2012 to transfer their own switch design to Airbus’ global facility and get the high level of requirements integrated into its hermetic WLP (wafer level packaging) solutions along with metal  TSVs (Through Silicon Vias).

The collaboration has worked efficiently so far and now with the manufacturing procedure is about to start, it’s ready to enter the second phase. Both the companies have promised to keep all the users updated about the further development of the project.


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