Top 5 IOT Fitness Wearables Available In The Market


With a surge in the popularity of connected devices and internet of things, the demand for fitness wearables has touched newer heights. Here are top 5 IoT fitness wearables that you can give a shot and track down your sleep patterns, exercise routine, and physical improvement.

Fitbit Flex

The first on the list of top 5 IoT fitness wearables is Fitbit Flex. Some of its primary features are Bluetooth 4.0, Water-Proof, Smartphone App, a strong battery that lasts up to 5-6 days and 14g weight. From tracking your sleep pattern to showing you every step that you have walked on a particular day, Fitbit Flex will do everything possible to motivate you for exercise.



Most of the fitness wearables in the market cost a lot more than middle-class consumers’ expectations. However, Xiaomi has worked out this market scenario quite well and launched Xiaomi Mi Band that you can easily afford. Even though you won’t find anything new in the Mi Band that others’ are not offering but at a starting price of Rs. 999, you get everything that you can expect in a decent fitness wearable.



Along with a reliable HR monitor, it also comes with water-resistance feature. Garmin Vivosmart HR tracks your bodily movements, and at the same time, shows you notifications from your mobile phone. In short it’s the best smartwatch + fitness tracker you can find in the market.


It’s a perfect smart fitness wearable. Even though Jawbone UP3 collects a lot of information on daily basis, it only shows what you need to see. In other words, it’s more of a lifestyle monitor than a fitness tracker. Excellent design, amazing features, and positive user reviews are good enough to tell why users want to go with Jawbone UP3 over others.


As the name suggests, MOOV Now is the best wearable for those who find it difficult to move around. It may be just an average product in terms of tracking your sleep habits, but when it comes to tracking down you much a user moves around on daily basis, hardly any device can beat MOOV Now.

So, what’s your favorite? Let’s know in the comment section if you have tried any of these top 5 IoT fitness wearables in the past. How’s your experience? George Fant Jersey


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