Telstra Seeks Innovation Through IoT and M2M Startups


Telstra is looking forward to getting an edge over the competition by collaborating with various IoT, and M2M focused startups. However, the prime objective of the company continues to be the highest ranked network in Australia.

While speaking at Vantage 2015 Conference of Telstra in Melbourne, company’s CEO Andrew Penn said that IoT is the next big thing in the technology field. By 2020, all the devices that can be connected, will be connected through IoT.

Cisco, a leading name in the tech field, has predicted that over 50 billion devices will be connected through IoT by 2020. According to Aglaia Kong, CTO – Internet of Everything (IOE), Cisco, digitization disruption has become an integral need of business. Out of all the Fortune 500 companies 20 years ago, 40% have already vanished from the market; the same percentage of companies will fade away in next ten years time.

Cisco favors the idea of taking everything digital to ensure an easy access and hassle-free experience. If businesses want to survive, they will have to evolve with time. In Kong’s opinion, there are challenges regarding security, protection, connectivity, and sovereignty, but business will have to learn to deal with them to move ahead.


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