Telit Grabs UK Smart Meters Contract Worth $220 Million


Telit, better known for its M2M offerings, has successfully grabbed the UK smart meter contract worth $220 million as part of country’s $11 billion smart metering infrastructure project named GB SMIP.

smart home

As per the reports, the company will start supplying the material in the last quarter of 2016 and will continue doing the same until the end of 2021. The high-end cellular modules offered by Telit empower about 30 million communication hubs that are likely to bridge ZigBee data communication between radio frequency/cellular networks and smart meters.

Based on its past experience in the energy sector, Telit hubs will make room for a specially developed module.

GB SMIP, run by DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change), focuses on installing smart meters in homes of all the electricity and gas customers of UK latest by 2020. DECC hopes that installation of these smart meters will pave the way for next-day switching and better tariff price information.

The senior management of Telit is delighted to get this contract and look forward to executing this project successfully. According to Oozi Cats, CEO at Telit, with the help of company’s latest technology, meters will measure the actual consumption and provide accurate information to all the businesses and individuals.

Telit will keep updating its customers from time to time about the progress of the smart metering project.


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