Telit Announces IoT Factory Solutions For Customers, Suppliers And OEMs


Telit, a global IoT enabler, announced the launch of IoT Factory Solutions, a business unit focusing on providing secure shop floor access to the top floor and a connected ecosystem of suppliers, OEMs and customers. It’s pre-configured for cloud connectivity and can easily be integrated via Telit’s great internet of things portal. The IoT Factory Solutions is an ideal solution to enable Industrie 4.0 Era.

Telit is one of those very few IoT leaders that has been working tirelessly on a vision of connected machines, connected factories and connected customers for over 15 years. The end objective is to deploy IoT and create an ecosystem where users can get things done without any hassle.

In a recent public statement, Telit stated that Industrie 4.0 or industrial IoT has started gaining more attention than ever before. The biggest challenge is to build a platform where businesses can send data from one machine to another machine without getting worried about security issues. Telit IoT Factory Solutions helps them do that in the best way possible. It comes with secureWISE for the semiconductor industry and deviceWISE for Factory, which reduce risk, complexity, time to market, remote monitoring and asset tracking costs.

Going forward, it will continue to make improvements in IoT Factory Solutions to ensure it can live up to clients’ expectations. You can click here and know more about this new IoT solution. Pavel Datsyuk Womens Jersey


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