Telit And Morpho Bring To Life Internet of Things Based Emergency Response Project In Russia


What better cause can machine to machine communication be used than to save human lives? Telit and Morpho have partnered to contribute in an Internet of Things based emergency response project focusing on saving lives on Russian roads.


The Emergency Road Assistance based on Global Navigation Satellite or ERA GLONASS project has been launched to introduce an in-vehicle emergency call system that uses sensors supporting machine to machine communication.

In the case of emergency situation or accident, it dials the contact number of nearby emergency center. Additionally, it also sends the location of the user to the center, so that concerned people can contact and take necessary action without wasting any time.

As per the reports, an advanced embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) has been integrated into vehicles’ telematics control system to make the overall project fast, accurate and responsive. Machine to machine communication has come out as the next big thing in IoT field, which has prompted Telit and Morpho to test collectively these advanced eUICCs and ensure that everything falls in line.

Based on the tests, it’s proven that interoperability between cellular IoT modules of Telit and ERA GLONASS eUICC of Morpho can help both the companies achieve desired results.

You can click here to know more about this initiative.


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