Telefónica To Expand Its Cybersecurity Offerings For IoT Marketplace


With the rising demand for internet of things, security issues are becoming more and more important for individual users as well as companies. Cybersecurity is still one of the least talked about areas in IoT, which has prompted Telefónica to expand its offerings for the same.

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Reports claim that ElevenPaths, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telefónica, is all set to present first of its kind of technology to deal with cyber security attacks in the field of IoT. ElevenPaths will make the presentation at one of the most-awaited tech events in the world – Mobile World Congress, starting from February 22, 2016, in Barcelona.

ElevenPaths has developed a technology called Faast, which specializes in detection and analysis of cybersecurity attacks, helping organizations working in IoT space to safeguard their cloud information. Faast is first of its kind of technology that doesn’t only protect traditional IoT devices connected to systems, such as printers, webcams, routers, etc. but also devices that link multiple organizations virtually.

As soon as the devices are connected using this technology, it starts detecting vulnerabilities and remove them automatically. Users can manage what they want to remove and what not at its online portal Vamps.

Due to rapidly changing security infrastructure, audits don’t prove effective anymore. IoT businesses need a permanent solution to get rid of their cybersecurity issues, and Faast can be that solution. Telefónica looks forward to making constant improvements in Faast to ensure it can handle security risks in a hassle-free manner. You can learn more about this technology hereArtturi Lehkonen Authentic Jersey


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