Telecom Companies Getting Ready To Make It Large With IoT


Internet of Things (IoT) has certainly become the next big thing that all the tech companies want to be masters at. Experts say that future belongs to IoT and with the way companies around the world are trying hard to introduce IoT in their devices, their words make complete sense. Here is how large telecom operators are trying to cash in the situation.

 BT Telecom And Rajant

The wireless mesh vendor Rajant and leading UK operator BT Telecom have decided to sign an agreement aiming at strengthening BT’s international network coverage with respect to industrial operations.

The duo will be able to collect data from various devices such as autonomous vehicles, sensors, HD cameras, industrial machinery and VoIP systems, once the agreement rolls out in full flow. BT hopes that this agreement will help it offer world-class services to clients located in remote areas, oil rigs, mines and other important sites.

SK Telecom Joins Hands With Samsung And LG

Both LG and Samsung are trying hard to provide smart home solutions powered with Internet of Things, and SK Telecom will help them executing their plans to get desired results in a safe and secure environment.

As soon as the agreement is formalized, Samsung and LG users will be able to control their smart home equipments such as washing machines, fridges, robot vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, ovens, etc. virtually using SK Telecom’s app. SK Telecom signed the agreement with Samsung in April and with LG last week during IFA 2015 event in Berlin.



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