Team Page

Sonali Dange: Founder and Editor 

An IoT and telecom enthusiast, she is still trying to get a grip of the vast and never-ending world of IoT. You can reach her at

Sree Venkitesh: Strategy Lead

Planning and implementing are his forte and he keeps IoT League on track. An IoT engineer by profession with a deep interest, passion and understanding about IoT. You can reach him on

Bhupendra: Editor 

An investment banker & trader by profession and a writer by heart. Passionate about IoT, he is an Editor at this website. You can get in touch with him @bhupi1990

Sri Harsha Kunda: D.I.Y Lead

A Mechanical Engineer in the making (currently pursuing his Masters Degree in USA) and a DIY enthusiast, he likes to explore and learn about new technologies including IoT and Robotics. He holds expertise in Mechatronics, Electric Vehicles and Sensor Technologies. His hobbies includes swimming, crafting, working out and reading books.

Amber Marfatia: Editor – Cartoons 

The one who brings cartoons to life, Amber is a physics graduate and a computer science post graduate and currently works as a Senior Architect in an IT MNC. By heart and soul he is a cartoonist who loves to draw and lets the toons spill the fun beans. You can visit his website or reach him on twitter at @amber_marfatia