Swisscom becomes the 7th Member of Global M2M Association


Global M2M Association (GMA), a collaboration of international tier-one telecom operators, has now got its 7th member, Swisscom. Rest of the members include Deutsche Telekom, Orange, TeliaSonera, Telecom Italia, Bell Canada and SoftBank.

GMA was established in 2011, with an intention to provide uninterrupted M2M roaming and unified customer experience globally. This is ensured through a common set of compliances and standards which enables seamless integration into the customer devices. Module testing and certification procedures were harmonized across borders through unified incident management process.

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As reported by M2Mworldnews, Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M at Deutsche Bank says the intention of collaborating with Swisscom is to ensure that customers get the best opportunity for a sway and effective interaction of global M2M services. According to Gerhard Schedler, the head of M2M at Swisscom, the status of connected products from production, testing, importing-exporting and distribution to the end user will be automatically adjustable and absolutely manageable.

Our View:

With the recent happenings and announcements in the IoT space, it is very evident how different industries are leaping forward towards innovating IoT. With all said and done, network is the key which driver IoT. Hence, the role of telecom operators is extremely crucial in this space. It remains to be seen as to how the telecom operators leverage this opportunity to their advantage.


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