STMicroelectronics And Semtech Come Together To Scale LoRa Technology To Meet Increasing Demand of IoT Applications


STMicroelectronics and Semtech have partnered together to scale the renowned LoRa technology and use it to fulfill the increasing demand for the internet of things applications. Semtech is better known for offering long-range wireless RF (LoRa), which ST intends to use to create a complete range of solutions, including LoRa SOCs (system on chips) that can be used to enhance the deployments of LPWA networks by mobile network operators.


If things fall in line in the desired manner, ST will join the group of companies using LoRa technology and based on its STM32 family of microcontrollers, announce a new reference design for it. Going forward, it intends to come up with microcontrollers equipped with on-chip LoRa technology and support LoRaWAN standardized protocol.

If taken into account various trends in the internet of things field, LoRa Alliance comes out as the fastest growing alliance in the world. With ST’s inclusion, standardizing LoRaWAN and LoRa for IoT LPWAN will become easier than ever before.

ST believes that the association with Semtech will help it strengthen its position in areas like the smart city, IoT, etc. and enable it to use its portfolio of sensors, controllers, security, connectivity, power and analog solutions in the best possible way.

Click here to know more about how ST and Semtech wish to take things forward.


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