SoftBank Singles Out Oberthur Technologies To Explore IoT, M2M And Connected Device Market In Japan


SoftBank has decided to partner with Oberthur Technologies to unfold endless opportunities in IoT, M2M and connected device market of Japan.  The announcement was made by Oberthur Technologies, a world leader in digital security solution space.

Japan has turned out to be most suitable for Mobile Network Operators to pave their way into IoT and M2M field. Long experience with both OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and MNOs coupled with its advanced technologies make it the best player to join hands with SoftBank and offer secure connectivity in Japan.

SoftBank is a leading MNO in Japan and wants to explore IoT field to take an edge over other competitors in the market. OT will help SoftBank realizing its objective through its well-known DIM portfolio (SIM Cards for M2M) that can be used with all types of devices for uninterrupted services. Moreover, SoftBank will be able to extend its expertise in different vertical markets such as automotive industry, robotics, industrial devices, Smart metering, gaming, vending machines, etc.

The senior management teams of both the companies are excited to work with each other and make the best use of IoT opportunities available in Japan.


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