SoftBank Partners With NEC For Its IoT/M2M Service Platform ‘CONNEXIVE’


NEC Corporation has provided SoftBank Corp. (SoftBank) with an Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine Communications (M2M) service platform, “CONNEXIVE,” enabling SoftBank to launch its “IoT Cloud Service on CONNEXIVE (ICC).”

SoftBank began providing ICC in Japan in May 2016 in order to enable companies to quickly start IoT services through a one-stop solution that covers key components, such as IoT gateways and IoT applications, required for gathering and visualizing sensor data or issuing alert notifications.


The service makes it easy for companies to launch IoT services while reducing development costs, by providing the necessary functions to introduce IoT in the form of a cloud-based service. ICC also ensures a high level of security, as the service is provided via SoftBank’s secure cloud infrastructure and closed area networks.

NEC’s CONNEXIVE is a service platform that provides a network connection for a variety of devices, including sensors, data terminals and in-vehicle devices, making it possible to integrate information from individual devices. Using CONNEXIVE enables telecom operators to easily develop IoT-related services, for purposes such as advanced remote maintenance and control of devices, or improved driving efficiency for vehicles.

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“We are delighted to have contributed to SoftBank’s IoT cloud service,” said Masaaki Nakano, General Manager, Carrier Services Division, NEC Corporation. “CONNEXIVE provides all of the necessary basic functions for IoT, enabling operators to provide IoT services to their enterprise customers efficiently and effectively. NEC will continue to support SoftBank both from a business and technical perspective to expand and enhance their IoT capabilities.”

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