Smartwatches And Other Wearable Devices Are No Safe From Hacking


There is a warning sign for those who think that smartwatches and other wearable devices are completely safe from hacking activities. According to a recently published report in Economic Times, hackers can easily hack into your smart wearable devices and access personal data by spying on you.

The University of Illinois conducted a study, which unveiled that hackers can easily track the motion sensor of a smart wearable device (smartwatch) and determine whether the user is typing something on the keyboard or not.

While doing this study, researchers created an application so that they could track the minute motion of each keystroke. The collected data was then entered into a keystroke detection program to analyze the correct timing of all the movements and displacement of smartwatch. More often than never, researchers could determine the words being typed on the basis of these movements.

University of Illinois’ professor Romit Roy Choudhury says that the data received hacked wearable devices would work like a double edged swords. Such data couldn’t only help hackers hack into a person’s smartphone, but also his bodily activities.

The smartwatch used for this study was of Samsung; however, researchers claim that other smartwatches including Apple watch and Fitbit are equally vulnerable to hacking.


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