Smarter Grid Solutions Deploys Vortex OpenSplice To Enhance Power Distribution Solutions


In a recent statement, PrismTech announced that Smarter Grid Solutions had decided to deploy its Vortex OpenSplice in the active network management portfolio to ensure an effective delivery of power distribution solutions.


With the increasing popularity of automated devices and IoT, power companies have started using smart meters and other tools to make things easy and hassle-free. Whenever they come across challenges, such as meeting excessive electricity demand in peak season and connecting low carbon technologies with high renewable volumes, smart grid seems to be the only solution to rely upon.

Reports claim that the Active Network Management technology of Smarter Grid can help the power industry overcome different technical issues that are involved in the delivery of smart grid. It helps in the management of power distribution networks in real time, thereby maximizing the existing capacity of associated network assets and power generators. It further facilitates efficient and hassle-free power flow through the smart grid for end users.

With the swift increment in the number of users, real-time management of power generators has become very difficult, and Vortex OpenSplice can easily fill this gap. It has been designed to address real-time power management and distribution challenges. The company can not only save a whopping extra cost by deploying Vortex OpenSplice but also enhance the overall servicing level significantly.

You can click here to know more about this initiative and how it can prove to be a valuable asset for power companies in the future.


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