Smart Meter Installation To Touch Newer Heights, Total Installed Units To Touch 1.1 Billion By 2021


The internet of things technology and machine to machine communication are steadily becoming the next big things that the world would ever come across. It has given rise to the installation of such devices that could communicate with each other without any human interference. Smart metering is the best evidence of how effective can machine to machine communication can be.


A recent study conducted by ABI Research affirms this argument and clarifies that the rollout of smart meters, led by water and energy utilities, will lead to a global installed base of over 1.1 billion units by 2021. The study further points out that electricity meters will garner the major share with 72% of overall installed units; however, the growth in smart meters dedicated to water utility will be faster than the electricity meters in the long run.

Even today many countries use traditional means to monitor the distribution of water, but things are changing with the ever growing use of high-end technology. The smart meters concept offers equal opportunity for utilities, OEMs, and end-users. Smart meters use world-class data analytics inspired by the machine to machine communication that doesn’t only improve the distribution efficiency but also enhance the efficacy of water conservation programs.

Although smart meters have the potential to solve some of the biggest unsolved problems that the world is facing now, regulatory and operational issues make their implementation difficult. You can click here and know more about them.


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