Smart Bin From Poland Will Revolutionize Waste Segregation & Recycling


The solution proposed by Polish engineers and designers – smart bin: Bin-e, has a real chance to improve our quality of life and affect the amount of segregated waste at our homes. It is also hoped to introduce real changes in the process of waste recycling.


The owners of the company, Jakub Lubo?ski and Marcin ?otysz look forward to a better future. Being sensible of an increasing production of waste, which simply flood our Earth, they decided to look for solutions that could solve that problem. Owing to novel approach to business and experience, they found a solution to cumbersome and often makeshift segregation of garbage.

Jakub Lubo?ski: Bin-e is not only a business idea. First of all it is our passion and determination to change the world for the better. The potential for our solution is tremendous. Current project is supported by solid analysis, which shows unequivocal results. BIN-e is definitely tenable, and also or perhaps above all, it will help us and our children to live in a better world. The enthusiastic response to our project motivates us to work even harder and makes us believe that  BIN-e will end up in our homes.

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How it works?

We put the rubbish into the bin and it’s done. Bin-e does our job. This smart device identifies, categorizes, sorts and stores the trash. Moreover, when it’s filled, it informs the companies, which are responsible for waste collection. Thanks to modern technology and engineers’ work, Bin-e recognizes what we really disposed of and it does a pretreatment, e.g. it crushes the plastic, so it is able to use the entire space of the container. In addition, Bin-e constantly learns new parameters of the waste, which we throw away. Because of the knowledge accumulated in the cloud, it can recognize the type of waste and properly categorize it.

From where did this idea come?

Marcin ?otysz: We’ve been working in the company, where waste segregation has been a routine. It seemed banal to me. You just throw glass to glass, plastic to plastic, paper to paper. But it turned out that there was always somebody, who had no clue about segregation. This means, that people can’t or don’t want to do that. And that’s how I became an “eco-adviser” in our company. When we started to explore the subject, it turned out that only 10 % of garbage produced in our houses is processed. Where is the rest? Unfortunately it is left in parks, forests around all over the globe. Then came the idea of creating a solution that will protect the world from the effects of these daily decisions.

What plans?

The contractors intend to strongly enter the market with Bin-e. Jakub Lubo?ski and Marcin ?otysz have a long-term experience in marketing, programming, graphic design. But most of all they have a professional team consisting of engineers, designers and marketers.

The company has an ambitious plan: prototype of the device will be ready in June 2016 and the product is to be finished in 2017. We expect that from the very beginning a smart bin should find its customers in the global market. Our strategy includes intense searching for potential partners, who will help in commercialization of the project.

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