SIMalliance Outlines How the eUICC Overcomes Security and Logistical Challenges in IoT Deployments


SIMalliance has today published a series of eBooks exploring the security and logistical challenges faced by deployments in three key IoT verticals; smart metering, connected cars and wearable devices. Alongside an overview of the challenges presented, the eBooks explain how the eUICC (also known as embedded UICC or eSIM) is already being utilised to successfully address them.

The aim of the eBooks is to help relevant stakeholders – associated with device /component manufacturing and service provision – to understand how the features and functionality of the eUICC can be used to deliver enhanced security and reduced complexity across IoT and M2M use cases across the world.

The eUICC eBook series provides readers with:

  • A brief introduction to market drivers and potential future use-cases.
  • A definition of key terms, including UICC, eUICC, Secure Element and Trusted Platform Module.
  • An overview of the key security and logistical challenges facing IoT deployments.
  • Insight into how the features and functionality of the eUICC can be leveraged to effectively address these challenges.
  • A summary of the core assets required to ensure the successful continued deployment of IoT solutions.

SIMalliance is the global, non-profit industry association which advocates the protection of sensitive connected and mobile services to drive their creation, deployment and remote management across multiple industries and use cases, including IoT.



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