Sierra Wireless Comes Up With New Platform Offering IoT Acceleration


Sierra Wireless has come up with a unique platform that brings together Internet of Things hardware, cloud and managed services. The best thing about this platform is that it is capable of floating global multi-operator coverage by putting together third-party network operator SIMs and Sierra Wireless. Moreover, all of them are managed not from different places, but from a single resource, which leads to efficiency improvement.

With the help of this platform, users can easily establish connectivity with Google Cloud Platform and get advantages of using Google’s analytical service named BigQuery.  Some of the comprehensive solutions that Sierra Wireless is capable of providing include AirVantage cloud platform, hardware and managed connectivity. Apart from them, it can also offer efficient administration, and management of multi-region IoT deployments without any hassle.

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The senior management of the company is committed to offering world-class services to its users. According to Emmanuel Walckenaer of Sierra Wireless, reducing the complexity in deploying IoT solutions can prove to be very critical for Sierra Wireless’ client companies. The newly designed IoT Acceleration Platform of Sierra will not only bring innovation to the market but also help all the users grow at a faster than usual pace. Walckenaer is the senior vice president in Cloud and Connectivity Services department of Sierra Wireless.

Sierra looks forward to showcasing the advantages of integrating its IoT Acceleration Platform with Google Analytics during the CTIA Super Mobility Week starting from September 9, 2015, in Las Vegas.



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