Sierra Wireless Announces AirLink MP70 For Field Services, Transit And Public Safety


Sierra Wireless announced the launch of its LTE Advanced vehicle, AirLink MP70. As per the reports, it can be used in field services, transit, and other public safety initiatives. With the rising demand of internet of things technology, users require world-class technology that can safeguard their vehicles and enhance their responsiveness.


The MP70 router is a high-performance, purpose-built vehicle networking solution that can enable high-end applications to perform 10 times faster than ever before. Additionally, it also helps the IT department of any company to manage mobile and fleet assets in the enterprise data center or cloud with the help of Sierra Wireless AirLink Network Management system.

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According to experts, the field services and first responders require excellent connectivity all the time, which is why Sierra Wireless has come up with a product that can live up to their expectations. With MP70, mobile workers can easily communicate with their co-workers whenever they are in or around their vehicles. The arrangement doesn’t only improve the overall efficiency at the workplace, but also saves time and enhance the security.

The senior management team of Sierra Wireless is delighted to make this announcement and hopes that things will continue to fall in line. More details about MP70 can be found hereClay Matthews Authentic Jersey


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