Sequans Launches First LTE Cat M Chip For IoT Industry – Monarch


Sequans Communications, a leading chipmaker, introduced industry’s first LTE Capt M Chip named Monarch. As per the reports, Monarch lends full support to 3GPP Release 13 LTE Advanced Pro standard, which makes it one of the best chips available in the market in terms of cost sensitivity, ultra low-power, low data use, etc.


Such features of Monarch make it useful for a broad range of IoT applications, such as asset trackers, industrial IoT sensors, consumer wearables, smart city controllers, etc. The StreamliteLTE family of Sequans consists of a number of products; Monarch is the newest and most advanced among them.

Monarch is claimed to be one of the very few chips capable of providing high integration by putting together RF, baseband, power management and RAM in a tiny 6.5 x 8 mm FC-CSP package. It supports both narrowband categories: Cat M2, 200 kHz bandwidth and Cat M1, 1.4 MHz bandwidth.

Some of the other features of this chip include: low power technology and programmable RF filtering technology. Three major issues that most chips in IoT industry face are size, power requirements and cost; Monarch is the first Cat M1/M2 chip in the industry that’s highly optimized to resolve these issues in a hassle-free manner.

Industry leaders like Verizon and Gemalto have already validated Monarch, which is something the entire management team of Sequans is delighted about. Going forward, Sequans will try to add more features to Monarch to ensure it can live up to customers expectations. You can learn more about Monarch hereSam Vigneault Authentic Jersey



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