Securus Technologies Launches THREADS 3.1 For U.S. Corrections Market


Securus Technologies, better known for providing criminal and civil justice technology solutions, announced the release of THREADS 3.1 – a fully integrated, most advanced “Big Data” analytical tool for the United States correction market. This upgrade in THREADS has not only enhanced the overall system performance but also made it easier for customers to use it.

big data

Securus Technologies has eliminated unnecessary system actions and streamlined user interface in this upgrade, which will have long-term enhance the overall customer experience and improve the user experience. As a result of this 3.1 release, the existing Silverlight software platform has been upgraded to HTML 5. In addition to this, the update also allows uninterrupted integration between different Securus products, such as SCP (Secure Call Platform).

The interface has become user-friendly and provides a proactive tool to investigators to carry forward their investigations in a hassle-free manner. Previously, investigators required extensive training to operate the tool, but the new upgrade makes it possible to use it with little or no training.

Some of the other key features that THREADS 3.1 brings along include listening SCP calls within the application, context-sensitive reports, guided real-time analysis, customized printing and mapping. You can read more about THREADS 3.1 by clicking here.


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