SecureRF Launches Veridify For Sensors, Devices And Tags in Internet of Things Field


SecureRF, better known for offering security solutions related to the internet of things, announced the launch of Veridify. It’s a cloud-based platform that can deliver Public-Key Infrastructure for sensors, devices and tags in the internet of things field.

Veridify makes enough room for the reader, PC and smartphone applications that are strong in authentication, identification and data protection for quick deployment of world-class and innovative solutions for smart cards, tags, embedded devices and wireless sensors. The features delivered by Veridify platform support credentialing, supply chain, sensor data collection and brand protection.


With the help of a wide range of crucial functions of Veridify, devices and products can securely be made smart and IoT supportive. As part of the Veridify solution kit, users get the secure cloud?based dashboard,  Certificate Authority, Application Programming Interfaces and chain?of?custody. Users can either choose to work with personalized Software Development Kits or opt for Veridify’s LIME tags, smart cards or active sensors.

It comes with a handful of SDKs, apps and other tools to turn any product into the one that’s secure, smart and part of the internet of things. SecureRF has kept Veridify free from any sort of password or key database. You can click here and know more about it. Harrison Butker Jersey


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