Schneider Electric Introduces Internet of Things In Agriculture, Plans To Connect More Than 4000 Weather Stations


In a step to bring more efficiency and productivity in agriculture, Schneider Electronics has decided to connect over 4000 weather stations using Internet of Things in agriculture technologies. Schneider is known for offering world-class solutions in energy automation and management. The initiative to connect distant weather stations is another holistic approach taken by it to revamp the rural weather patterns across the United States.


Its WeatherSentry project, powered by IoT and big data, is already performing well and showcasing great results. Now Schneider wants to take a step ahead and start providing precise weather forecasting to enhance profitability, efficiency, and output for the ranchers, farmers and landowners. Slowly but steadily there is development happening in the field of internet of things in agriculture.

With the help of high-end WeatherSentry sensors, soil conditions and field level weather are captured, analyzed and then used to create accurate precipitation forecasts and  localized temperature. Moreover, these sensors can also be used to create historical weather logs and  storm record archives to plan the impact of weather on day to day agriculture conditions.

There’s no other platform in the world that generates more rural agriculture date than the WeatherSentry platform of Schneider. It will soon announce the execution of this project. Click here to know more about Schneider’s vision about agriculture sector in United States.


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