Schneider Electric India Floats A Complete Range of Smart Home Solutions


Schneider Electric India has come up with an entire range of smart home solutions for multi-dwelling homeowners. Some of these solutions comprise of automation, final distribution, wiring devices and safety energy management technologies. With time, per capita income of India is rising at a swift pace. People are ready to take their chances and not hesitant in spending money for living a comfortable life. The smart home concept is the next big thing in the market, which will continue to rise in the future as well.

According to Philippe Delorme, Executive Vice-President, Schneider Electric Global, this launch is another step towards strengthening Schneider’s position as a future global leader in automation and energy management. IoT is the core of smart home concept and will play a massive role in the future technology.

If energy efficient smart homes, vehicles and machines are regularly used, $15 billion worth of energy can be saved in a year. India as a country can save up to $20 billion by 2025 if it implements smart metering in an effective manner. Overall, smart solutions can save up to $50-$95 billion annually by 2025.

The current smart home solutions offered by Schneider can be controlled right from tablet or smartphones, which is truly remarkable.


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