Sanofi US Partners With Massachusetts General Hospital And Duke University On Type 2 Diabetes And Big Data


Sanofi US announced that it had decided to partner with Massachusetts General Hospital (Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health ) and Duke University (Duke Clinical Research Institute). The prime objective of this partnership is to create new tools for all those people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes.


The senior management of Duke Clinical Research Institute is delighted to share this update and believes that DCRI can create personalized medication adherence for patients with the help of big data. The goal is to improve drug development, health outcomes, quality of care and clinical trial designs.

As per the reports, DCRI and CATCH use novel machine learning methods to collect meaningful insights of patient health data. Based on these insights, healthcare providers can assess their offerings and enhance the level of services. This approach will help CATCH keep its focus intact on development and discovery process in the future.

Sanofi is a leading brand in the global healthcare market and is known for developing, discovering and distributing healthcare date. You can click here and learn more about this collaboration and Sanofi’s future plans regarding other such projects. Khalil Mack Womens Jersey


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