Samsung’s New Smart TV Line is Even More Smarter Now


In a recent statement, Samsung Electronics stated that its soon-to-be-launched Smart TV line will be connected to SmartThings platform and support IoT. SmartThings is a sought after and open platform that allows the users to connect, control and manage their smart devices virtually.


Reports claim that among all the new Smart TVs that are likely to be launched in 2016, Samsung SUHD TVs will be equipped with IoT Hub technology. This technology will turn the TV into a controller capable of controlling the entire range of smart-home devices. Samsung has come up with its own IoT Hub technology in association with SmartThings for all the 2016 SUHD TVs.

There are more than 200 devices that support SmartThings, and new SUHD TVs are capable of connecting with all of them in a hassle-free manner. These devices include a broad range of devices, such as connected locks, connected lights, smart cameras and smart thermostats manufactured by different third-party manufacturers.

Samsung will further talk about the future of Television at the prominent CES 2016 and demonstrate how its new Smart TV line is the centerpiece of rapidly increasing internet of things ecosystem.

The senior management team of Samsung believes that with the help of SmartThings technology, Samsung can reach to millions of customers and address their needs in an efficient manner. You can know more about this technology and Samsung’s new Smart TV line here.


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