Samsung announces SleepSense Tracker, how does it fare against free app Sleep Better


Tech companies are going crazy behind IoT as the market is seeing new products getting launched every day. Earlier, it was Apple that brought HomeKit in the market, and now it’s Samsung that has launched SmartThings Hub to control home appliances, office work and other things virtually. Another addition by Samsung is SleepSense Tracker.

SleepSense tracker comes with the features of tracking users’ sleeping habits amongst many things. It also tracks a wide range of things including time taken to sleep, movements during the sleep,  the number of times one wakes up, time spent in deep sleep and time spent in REM.

The device is connected wirelessly with the application and try to calculate the sleep score of the user and give recommendations based on that. SleepSense is capable of notifying users about what’s happening at home and controlling the attached smart devices from a virtual location. Samsung claims 97% accuracy with this connected device.

It seems to be a great attempt by Samsung; however, there is a similar service available at no extra cost in the market. A health & fitness focused startup named Runtastic has launched a sleep tracking app called “Sleep Better with Runtastic” to monitor users’ sleeping habits.

Our View: 

So, if you are a health freak and want to monitor yours or any of your family member’s sleeping habits we wonder would you pay to get the Samsung device or go with the already available free play store App? Sometimes companies go overboard in innovating that they leave the business sense out. Innovation coupled with business is the way forward for the growth of IoT.


  1. […] Another device in the healthcare segment is Oura Ring. It is a wellness ring, which uses the ring and an app to monitor your sleep and helps you increase your ability to perform better. It enables you to learn how lifestyle choices affect your sleep. The ring can automatically tell you when you are sleeping based on the sensors. Samsung has recently launched one such device which assisted in sleeping. You can read more about the Samsung Device here. […]


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