Salesforce Launches IoT Cloud Platform


Salesforce has announced the launch of Salesforce IoT Cloud platform, a new step in the direction to become a leading player in business insight and connected analytics fields to ensure continuous and future success for organizations.

The new IoT Cloud platform of Salesforce bring together all the digital content platforms of the company, such as blogs, websites, plus phones, social media conversations, industrial turbine properties and automobiles, and merge them with company’s customer data. As soon as the information is merged with company’s data, it’s analyzed and then presented to data analysts or business users, who can use it as per their needs.

IoT is the biggest tool available in today’s time to collect and analyze huge sets of information in a flash. The prime objective of Salesforce IoT Cloud Platform is to collect data from various areas like geographical information, weather information, car manufacturers, thermostat makers and various other platforms. If presented and analyzed in an organized way, the amount of data available on various platforms can make companies proactive and more efficient than ever.

Salesforce IoT platform will be equally beneficial for users as well as companies and try to establish a better relation between these two in the long run.


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