Rubicon Labs Introduces TLS Armor For Ustrusted Cloud Data Centers


Rubicon Labs, a leading developer of identity technologies and advanced secure data connection for IoT and cloud-based applications, introduced TLS Armor for cloud data centers. TLS Armor is a hardware security platform that protects and enhances the execution of high-value cryptographic Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security keys in untrusted cloud data centers.

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TLS Armor has been built upon the “Zero Knowledge” platform, and can quickly bring together hardware and device-level software at the semiconductor level to protect various keys that servers and clients depend on for establishing secure connections. These keys are capable of transforming into values that are usable but not known to CPU and remain invisible to hackers.

The TLS Armor PCIe card is Rubicon’s first product, which has been designed using Zero Knowledge platform. Three most crucial components of this product are – high data security, low power usage, and speed. It can also be used for establishing secure key and identity exchanges for devices supporting internet of things. Reports claim that a Rubicon Labs-based IoT key exchange is capable of executing over 3000 times faster than a similar TLS handshake (RSA 2048-bit).

The senior management team of Rubicon claims that cloud-based systems aren’t fully-secured anymore; therefore, a product like TLS Armor is immediately needed. Rubicon looks forward to making further improvements in TLS Armor from time to time to make it more user-friendly and secure.

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