Researchers At FortiGuard Labs Predict Attacks on IoT Security Will Create New Challenges

IoT security

With the passage of time, IoT security has become an important issue for the companies operating in this field. Right before the year 2016 arrives, researchers at FortiGuard Labs have predicted that one of the challenges that IoT players will have to deal with in 2016 is security focused IoT attacks.


Apart from this, researchers have also predicted that certain evasion techniques that can push the limits of forensic investigation and detection of hacker attacks will also emerge at a great pace.

In a recently published report titled “New Rules: The Evolving Threat Landscape in 2016” researchers at FortiGuard talked about a number of strategies and trends that cyber criminals are likely to use in 2016. The objective of this report is to educate users about IoT security tools and techniques to get rid of unexpected virtual attacks via Internet of Things technology.

Some of the trends and strategies that researchers think can harm IoT security in 2016 are – propagation between devices and a high number of M2M attacks, different viruses specially designed to attack Internet of Things devices, the cyber attack on virtualized and cloud infrastructure, and malware that can easily evade advanced sandboxing technologies.

You can click here to know about these IoT security trends in detail.


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