Remsec Alert: Scientists Found A Malware That’s Been Operating Undetected For Over 5 Years


Scientists have discovered a highly advanced malware platform that’s been operating without getting detected for at least five years. According to experts, the malware platform named “Project Sauron” or Remsec is so well designed and advanced that above-average security layers can’t even detect it. They call it a work of any hacking group which is backed by a government intelligence organization.

The malware has been up and running since the year 2011 and targeting high-profile networks in countries like China, Russia, Sweden and many others.


The research work was done by scientists at the computer security firms Kaspersky Lab and Symantec. After dedicating weeks of hard work on “Project Sauron,” they found it on more than 30 sites, including an embassy in Belgium, an airline in China and a major organization in Sweden.

Although Project Sauron, also commonly known as Remsec, runs on common Microsoft Windows platforms, it is different from ordinary malware programs that affect regular PCs. Its primary focus is to infiltrate networks managed and run by military sites, governments, corporate IT systems and scientific research centers. All it does is spy on the infected networks, enter into them through back door, and steal personal information like user passwords and other credentials.

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Remsec uses different codes for different networks which make it almost invisible to most of the security layers. It’s the prime reason why security professionals couldn’t detect it for so long. As of now, the experts have discovered over 30 major names that have been affected by this malware; however, the actual number can be much higher.

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