Reliance Energy joins Hands with Intel And Connode To Form Smart City Network In Mumbai


In an attempt to make Mumbai a smart city, Reliance has adjoined hands with two tech leaders – Intel and Connode. In the first phase of the project, it will connect the streetlight, smart meters and all the distribution automation equipments with the help of the wireless mesh solution of Connode – Connode 4 and Intel IoT gateways.


It will be the first time when meters will be connected through communication channels and pave the way for other cities to follow the same pattern. Intel’s technology has been selected due to its capability to handle a large number of connected dots and support distributed intelligence.

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The senior management of Reliance Energy is delighted to partner with two leading tech firms. According to Mr RR Mehta, CEO of Reliance Energy, the partnership with Intel and Connode will help Reliance Energy becoming a world-class smart service provider in India.

Intel IoT gateways along with Connode’s world-class IPv6 mesh technology will make it possible for Reliance to offer world-class communication solutions in India at an affordable price.

Connode 4 is one of the highly sought after Internet of Things platforms that is equipped with IPv6-based communications architecture and can easily connect to millions of devices at one go.


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