RCN Business Starts Offering 330 Mbps Internet Tier Across NY


Taking the internet offering standards to newer heights, RCN Business, a well-known voice, video and data service provider, has decided to offer 330 Mbps internet across New York. With the increased data speed, small and medium size businesses in New York will be able to utilize more content than ever and help their employees achieve 100% efficiency level.


With this much data speed offered by RCN Business, companies will not only be able to work more efficiently than ever, but also have an effective communication with their key resources and teams based out of other locations. There is a huge need for high data speed due to the incredible rise in the popularity of Internet of Things and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). RCN Business’ new offering lives upto everyone’s expectations.

According to Bruce Abbott, General Manager & Vice President, RCN Business New York, “We will continue to invest in our human capital and the wholly owned fiber-rich network. Our objective is to offer world-class data speed that can facilitate uninterrupted communication at all levels.”

With 330 Mbps speed, New York will become a premier hub for all those businesses that crave for high bandwidth at low cost.


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